Green Valley Raceway then and now

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Green Valley Photo from a 1976 Program

In the above picture there is now a road that cuts through the bottom
area of the parking running left to right.





This would be the staging lanes with the bridge to the left but quite a ways over.
The photos were taken about 30 minutes before the thunderstorms set in on
October 1st, 2004





Standing on the track roughly where the burnouts would be done.





Standing on the staging lanes looking towards the pits.





Looking down the track towards the rise in the shutdown area, the hill
is vaguely still there but 2 houses about where the catch nets would be.





Standing on the track looking towards the staging lanes.





Standing on the track looking at the spectator side





Another shot looking down the track, to the right covered in
the trees is Green Valley Elementary located on the property.





This would be standing on the track looking at the pit area.





Looking back towards the staging lanes from the track.





Looking down the track again.





Staging lanes looking towards the pit side.





The bridge that crossed the creek to get to the staging lanes.





Opposite side of bridge of the above picture.





Staging lanes looking at the bridge.





Area that took the cars to the staging lanes.





Another shot of the bridge.





Looking down the track again.





This would be the spectator side parking, the row of houses is now
on the street that ran parallel to the track.









The 3 photos of above were taken in 1972 or 73, note the tower
doesn't exist at this time.





Shutdown area





Probably 1976 being the AHRA logo is displayed on the bridge.







Division 4 points meet with Sewell, Osborn & Seruntime vs Willard Buff

1977, 78 or maybe 79.





1980 Points Meet.





1980 Points Meet.





The rear end bolts sheared on this run.
I have a few more pics of the incident, but this is just another view
looking down the track.





2 AA/Fuelers





Gary Beck on the bridge.





1983 Points Meet, the last event ran here was in April 1986.





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